There are a couple of certain ways a massage can end up creating stress, instead of relieving it, whether you have been experiencing the health benefits of massage for some time or you’re a newbie. As a customer, it’s up to you to make sure you’ve done your part to get the amazing advantages of an excellent massage.

You should remember your very first massage. Of course, if it’s your first time, you might find it hard to communicate your needs. If you want to get the best massage in St. George Utah, here are several things to consider:


An expert recommendation is a vital component of the massage experience. However, it is sometimes neglected or overlooked. If the therapist doesn’t provide insight into your condition or suggest a time to return, you should ask after the end of the session what they would suggest and what they noticed.

Lack of Presence

Most of the time, people get busy. Most of them get distracted while at work. However, it can actually lessen the value of the session if a massage therapist is checked out. Almost every customer looks forward to their massage. Of course, it can be extremely frustrating if your massage therapist is doing unnecessary things such as chatting mindlessly through the whole session or thinking about what they’ll have for dinner while they work with you. Massage might be the only time during a week or month that you get to simply relax. In addition to all of that, if you would like a quiet session, you should communicate before the session starts.

Get What You Want

Not getting what they wanted from the massage is one of the top complaints made by customers. You’ve got the chance to express your needs during the intake part. You should not miss out on this by simply telling that all is well. You should be specific to your desires. For instance, tell the therapist that you prefer medium pressure and would like to add in a head massage or if you would like an additional 15 minutes of massage on your shins and feet to help lower pain from jogging.

You can remind the therapist about the problem area halfway through the session if you make a request at the start of the session and he/she hasn’t worked the area you asked. During the intake process, customers’ requests made are components of getting an agreement for how the session will happen. The job of the therapist is to listen to your desires and provide it to you.

Not Enough or Too Much Pressure

The therapist needs to check in always with you on pressure within the first part of the session. This is your chance to lead the rest of the massage. You have to state what’s on your mind. Simply ask the therapist to accordingly adjust if their pressure changes. They should be extremely willing to accommodate your request. You should also tell them that what they’re doing doesn’t work for you if you don’t like their technique.