Psychic Phone Readings: A Few Letters from My Clients
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
***A Few Letters From Current & Former Reading Clients...
"I have been taking classes with Pat now for about seven months and my abilities have grown greatly. Before I started class I had some abilities and did some tarot card reading but nothing like what I can do now. At first I would only get words but now I can do full sentence readings that are right on. I feel like my abilities grow a lot every class. She helps me to control my abilities and use them to the fullest.
I'm excited to continue taking classes with Pat to see how much more I can progress."
- Kristine Carlson, 10/13/2012, current online student of Pat Chalfant's
Spiritual Mentoring Spiritual Guidance Spiritual Healing MentoringDear Pat:

My wife and I both have been coming back to you often, especially when we are in a crisis and you know that we feel that connection with have always been supportive and sincere and in fact, it is a great comfort to know you are there.

You have explained things, tried to understand us and answered our emails and queries. I will turn to you sooner rather than later and I once again thank you for your last email.

I can say with a great deal of gratitude and pride out loud that you have made such a difference to us!

Before baby Sid came into our lives, you had predicted his arrival with such accuracy, encouraged my writing, our move to the house...everything! You even knew my husband had a headache when he sat through one reading (and he suffers from migraines!).

Warmest Regards,
Anu Gupta

Psychic Phone Readings Spiritual Mentoring 1Hi Pat,

I want to thank you Pat for sharing your time with me through your psychic development classes and  tutorials. They have brought me more confidence in practicing mediumship and closer to enlightenment.

The tutorials were a way for me to spend an hour a week strengthening my gift and increasing my knowledge in living a spirit-filled life. Thank you again for making this wonderful knowledge available so that I may mature spiritually.

I also wanted to tell you, I was so fortunate to find a teacher like you who puts the lessons of spiritualism in perspective for some of us who have a different religious background. Thank you again for the tutorials and your spirit.

Dinah Q.

Psychic Classes Online Psychic Classes Online Psychic Development Classes

Psychic Classes Onlines Psyschic Classes Psychic Development ClassesPatricia,

I feel very blessed and will continue to follow my first instincts. Your reading has touched me deeply. I cannot explain the sense of deep loss inside me since he has passed on.

When it occurred all I could think of was how much love we had, and how I had felt this overwhelming sense of fear in the area it occurred prior to it - "devastating" only touches the edge of it.

I am so glad he has found his way into the spirit world, he was always so strong, I knew he would find his way. I am sorry for getting upset, but I am so very glad that you were shown the neck or around the neck, it was a major factor in me knowing that it was him.

Thank you, I look forward to having you read for me again. Please tell me how I should meditate; it is something I don't usually do.

Thank you and have a very blessed week,
Nicole H., Detroit, MI

Psychic Phone Readings PayPal2Hi Pat:

I was hoping for another reading.

I was the gal who was having surgery back in May on my ovary. You were right about that. It went very well and I kept my ovary and there was no cancer...

M.H. in the L.A., California area...

The Medium,
The Mirror
By Pat Chalfant
Psychic Phone Readings
On the mirror of the medium's mind
Symbols, faces, voices, leave behind
Messages like leaves the color of jewels,
Seen reflected on the still surface of pools.

As the seer gives voice to these bright words of love
Sent down to the grieving as comfort from above
The names of loved ones spring to life upon her breath
And silence - in earthly hearts forever - the fearful name of Death.

Psychic Phone Readings PayPal2Hi Patricia......I had a reading with you a couple of months ago, and I must say everything you had said came to be true. I really need some insight from you now. If you could schedule a reading for me tomorrow or Thursday around 2 pm or 3 pm eastern time, I would really appreciate it. If not, please let me know when it would be a good time for you to do the reading! Thanks so much...


Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic Classes Onlines Psyschic Classes Psychic Development Classes 3Dear Pat:

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. It was very comforting, and it's already helping me to see things more lightly. I guess all I have to do is to really believe that things will turn out for the better, as long as I am patient and confident about myself. And let myself live more in the present so I can make the right decisions and follow the right paths that will bring me a beautiful future...

Also, you told me yesterday that you were getting the letter "A" a lot, on the face of the watch, and at other moments, and when I told you it could be my godfather, you said it felt more like it was coming from a woman. Well, I don't know why I didn't realize before, but both my grandmothers' names started with an "A". Alberta - my dad's mother and Assunta - my mom's mother. Probably because I was thinking about them as grandma and not about their names. I don't know, but just hit me later.

And I even told you that my grandma Alberta was a spiritualist or medium, and she was also my godmother. But I didn't recall her name yesterday... Funny. Also, you told me that you got the letter "E" and well, my grandfather's (mom's dad) name was Eduardo and my older brother, who was stillborn, would also be Eduardo, after my grandfather.

Well, I thought you would like to know all this...

Anyway, thanks so much again.

Take care.
Carla P., Los Angeles, CA

Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic Phone Readings PayPal2Pat,

I really enjoyed our conversation last night...thank you! You gave me some very useful advice that I've already started working on. The things you said were issues I've been heavily contemplating of late and after talking with you I feel I know what to do about them! Thanks and take care!

L.Dindia, Portland, OR

Psychic Phone Readings

Below is an actual email exchange which took place between myself
and a student of mine, for whom I have given several psychic
readings in the past (see the first three entries below)...

Psychic Classes Onlines Psyschic Classes Psychic Development Classes 2Pat,

I have a question to ask you in the hope that you can give me some sort of insight...

I am due to speak to the Director of Latin American Channel tomorrow regarding an opportunity that has presented itself to me. It involves me working with our account base in Central and South America, our freight forwarders, and 3 large CE distributors in Miami.

The position would require me to be based out of Miami and would require me to move with Angel to South Miami. Do you see this happening? Do you see this meeting tomorrow going well? It would be an excellent opportunity for me within the company and I have many people rooting for me, but I feel that I'm taking a challenge to do move out to FL even though I love it out there. I don't know if its a good move for me. What do you think?

Please give me your insight...if you can.

Thank you.



Psychic Phone Readings PayPal2Dear Felix:

Is anyone else being considered for this position--it looks like maybe there is because I see my image for invitation to work getting split in two.  Why would I see it that way--is there anything you know about the offer that would fit that?  It's an envelope split straight down the middle and it was shown to me again and again as confirmation.  My only problem is I don't know whether that means the interview is split between two people or not - but it looks like it means two have been invited.  Then I got you moving--remember I asked if you had considered moving into a house (I'd forgotten that until I just started to ponder your new work offer), well this time I saw the house thing shifting back and forth and to me it meant a lot of really sudden shifts back and forth about whether you would go to Florida or not.  But in the end, it stood firm and I believed that meant that you will go there.  It will mean a lot of worries that you've had will just all be over.  Your people on the Other Side are sending a heart to you--they love and support you.  You will also be meeting someone or someone you've met will become a love interest, as in long-term relationship.  I see you reading a lot, I'm assuming that it has to do with spiritual stuff and I get confirmation as I write that to you.  There is one book in particular that you take out and reread a lot, maybe even two of them.

I also see you carrying a lot of suitcases, as in moving a distance away.  Does this happen soon?  Could it be by August or September?   I also see this as a new path for you and the path is rather narrow (it is demanding and keeps you restricted a lot, but lasts quite a long time, in fact I can't see the end of it, so it should last indefinitely).  It looks as if there might be a point at which you would feel worried that your progress might be blocked in this job but persevere.  It's unobstructed on the other side of that little hitch.  And you will receive quite a piece of the pie--money and other considerations for your work, that is.

See, I don't know if you mean that you've already been offered the job or whether you're just being interviewed for it.  But these are the things I see if it is offered and from what I see, I feel it is offered to you.  You're turning away from the path you've been on and going in an entirely different direction and it's a good one.

That's it, Felix.



Psychic Phone Readings PayPal2Pat,

This is very interesting stuff. In actuality, there are two people considered for the position. It was first offered to my friend, but he is not sure whether to take it or not because he is unsure whether his wife would like it out there and he's taking too long to make a decision. The director needs someone right away asap and I've expressed my interest to do this asap since us in my channel are undergoing some changes in mgmt as well. If I take too long to move over to the different channel, then that new director would probably not have the ok to let me go due to the limited resources that we currently have. So to answer your question regarding the 2 people, yes, there are two people looking at this position, my friend Jose, and myself. The position has not yet been offered to me, I'm only looking to speak to the director about the position tomorrow during the day. The heart that you speak of could possibly be a good friend of mine who I met two weeks ago and has continued to send her affection as we speak everyday at several times throughout the day. My friends all love me out there though and there are so many beautiful women out there that I've met as well...

This thing with the transfer would happen sooner than later. August or September may be accurate time frame to accomplish this change. The fact that this looks like it would last indefinitely sounds very good. Sounds like I have found my CAREER!! And a nice piece of pie would be very good right now. The fact that I am turning away from my existing path, I guess would be only for a good thing since I was probably on a good path, and now would be on a better path.

Thank you so much for your insight. Your words of wisdom have gotten me even more excited about this opportunity and look forward to letting you know what comes of this opportunity within the next couple of days.


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Pat Chalfant is now making
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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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