Evelyn Fuqua: An Interview with Dr. Evelyn Fuqua
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantEd. Note: Over the last several years, Pat Chalfant has  conducted a much appreciated series of interviews with the founding members of APRT. Here is an interview with former APRT boardmember Dr. Evelyn Fuqua, author of From Sirius to Death.

To quote Pat Chalfant regarding the role of the APRT founders in building the APRT (now IARRT) organization: "All the IARRT founding members were willing to take a chance - to 'bet on a dark horse' - and they have all shown immense determination and dedication. These qualities are no less true of Dr. Fuqua - this issue's distinguished Member of the Board."


PC (Pat Chalfant): Evelyn, how long were you on the APRT Board?

EF (Evelyn Fuqua): Six years, from 1981 to 1987.

PC: I know you were treasurer your second two years and first vice president your last two years--what did you do on the Board the first two years, then?

EF: I was simply a Member of the Board.

PC: You didn't start the work with Rose until you were off the Board, right? (Rose is the Walk-In who prompted Dr. Fuqua to write her recently-published book From Sirius to Earth.)

EF: That's right. As a matter of fact, when I was first on the Board I was just awe-struck by these people on it who knew so much about past life therapy. I was still a counselor in the school system. I was rather amazed when they asked me to be on the Board. The people I met were just these wonderful people. I was already convinced of past lives and all of that before that time but this further convinced me because of the quality of the people and the stories I heard them tell.

PC: I had heard that you were the first person on the Board to sign up famous-name speakers as keynotes for the conferences. Is that correct?

EF: Let me explain the situation. There was a real transition during the time when I became first vice president. When Hazel Denning asked me to run, I asked what I was supposed to do and she said that I was supposed to introduce the speakers and that was about it. After that, Trisha Caetano, who was president at that time, realized as she talked with other Board members that Hazel wanted to write (her first book, True Hauntings). Since Hazel had been running APRT to a great degree, Trisha decided (although I didn't know what I was getting into) that the first vice president would take over what that officer had always been supposed to do--contact all the speakers and make all the arrangements with them for the conferences. Hazel had been doing all that before. It was just a tremendous job. Dr. Brian Weiss was a speaker during the time I was first vice president. But we also had a lot of well known speakers before that. He just happened to have a high media profile at that time. It was a time of transition on the Board because we were working toward having other people take over what Hazel had been doing. I don't think a lot of people knew how much Hazel had done.

PC: I think that's very true.

EF: I just can't tell you how much I admire what I feel Hazel has done for the Board. I know how much it took to do all those things that she used to do singlehandedly. That was when we used to meet at Astara and we had wonderful Board retreats and everything was very relaxed. I think it's changed more toward a professional kind of atmosphere. I haven't been directly involved, however, haven't even given any workshops for a while. After I was no longer on the Board, I gave several workshops on the Walk-In phenomena. I appreciate that they allowed me to do that because it was a really new topic even for APRT members. It was something that people were unfamiliar with and I was not even totally sure what was going on myself.

PC: So, APRT really supported you by allowing you to use the Walk-In material in a workshop. What other ways did you feel APRT was a support and how did you feel the experience contributed to you as a therapist?

EF: I think it gave me the inspiration and the confidence to go into private practice on a full-time basis in this kind of work. As I said, I had just been involved in this kind of therapy prior to APRT on a very limited basis. I have not gone through any designated training program per se but I learned so much through the other Board members and the workshops and conferences.

PC: Is there anything that you perhaps think of as your particular contribution to the Board?

EF: I always was in favor of making it as professional as possible and having the main speakers be people from the professional area. But when I first started going to APRT conferences I was fascinated, because my background was very academic--all the way through it had been a totally academic program in traditional psychology. It was not in metaphysics at all...

PC: Excuse me, Evelyn, but did you have your Ph.D. when you were on the Board?

EF: I finished it in '83 so it was during that time that I finished it. There were so many people there that were astrologers, numerologists, all kinds of things I absolutely loved. I felt that we wanted it to be professional, since the more professional it was, the more it would be accepted by mainstream therapists; but I've always hoped it would keep the spiritual people who do all of these other wonderful kinds of things because it's an ideal way to learn the entire field of metaphysics. That part of it was just as interesting to me as the professional part.

I don't know that I left a legacy per se but on APRT's tenth anniversary there was a little thing that was written about me that was something like, "We will miss your professionalism." I guess that was how I was thought of because my field was very academic.

PC: I'm switching gears now, thinking of your book FROM SIRIUS TO EARTH and about the time that I attended an APRT conference where I heard a "Walk-In" speak about her experience. Ruth Montgomery of course, dubbed this the "Walk-In" experience years ago. I know you call this experience Soul Exchange. Could you just tell the story briefly?

EF: You know, of what I have come to call the general Walk-In category, the soul exchange entity would be only about 30%. This is something that I have learned over a period of time. The other 70% have different explanations. I still don't like the term "Walk-In" because it's nondefinitive. Because Ruth Montgomery had come up with that term it was familiar to many people. There is an organization called "WE"--Walk-ins for Evolution--that is a fairly large group now that is in St. Paul, Minnesota. They have conferences twice a year. That's been around 4 or 5 years now.

PC: Is the subject of your book, Rose-Athor, still living?

EF: She is still living and she does readings. I would definitely put them into the Edgar Cayce-type readings. She goes into a trance state. Her specialty is reading from the Source. She will take a soul from the time it comes from the Source and as it does all of its different stages before it comes to earth. I have collected hundreds of these readings at this point because I'm so interested in this kind of research. These readings show that we've had so many existences before we come to earth. I'm sure that's true of most of us. Earth is kind of a new thing for most of us, particularly, I think for those who are in the past life therapists' group because they have no doubt been around for a long time. We have been on different planets, different star systems, all over the place. This comes out in little bits and pieces to put the whole thing together in these different readings. It's not appropriate for all my clients, but for certain clients, at a certain point, I know that this is more than we're ever going to get from their subconscious mind or their higher self. So if they're open to the idea of an Athor reading, that's almost the final step in their therapy (we continue the therapy if it's necessary) but generally it answers the final questions and makes sense of the things we couldn't quite put together. These readings are what totally convinced me that this was a Soul Exchange. It wasn't just the therapy per se but the fact that this woman can do all these things.

PC: Do the readings overlap what you may have already learned about the person's past lives.

EF: Yes, it very much ties into that. And it ties into the questions the clients present to her. It's amazing how much the readings tie into the present lifetime. The profound relationships that we think of as soul mates and people we've known during all kinds of past lives on earth will often have started even before they came to earth. Those are the ones that are so profound that they're different.

PC: They're compelling!

EF: They're totally compelling.

PC: Could you do a thumbnail description of your experience with the Athor entity, just tell the story in brief?

EF: Rose came to me because she had environmental illness. She thought that hypnosis would help her. She wasn't interested in past lives. She was strictly interested in trying to get better in terms of her disease. Whereas that improved, we never actually cured it. Apparently, from a cosmic point of view the reason she needed to come to me was to find out that she actually was not the person she thought she was. This was a buried memory. It happened when she was three years two months old.

PC: The Walk-In experience?

EF: Yes, when it happens when a child is so young they have no idea what's happening to them. All the rest of the Walk-Ins I've known in my private practice have happened at an older age so that they were aware something very drastic was happening in terms of their personality. But when it's a child, they are just confused. To begin with, we went through what we thought would be causes for the illness.

Then this being identified as Athor started coming through rather regularly. We gradually learned that Athor was an aspect of one of the members of the Council of Twelve on the etheric plane of the star system Sirius. That was totally mind-boggling to me because that meant that I had--sitting on my chair--a person who was dealing with very earthly problems, but was also (as we eventually had confirmed for us) part of the Great White Brotherhood, and the Council of Twelve.

Why then, we wondered, had she come into a damaged body? To make a long story short, it turned out that it was a karmic debt owed by Athor since the time of Christ. The Rose soul had agreed prior to her present lifetime to let Athor take over her body; but at the time of Christ, a previous attempt by Athor to take over the Rose entity's body had not been prearranged and the results had been disastrous. The Athor being was paying a karmic debt this lifetime for that destructive past life action.

PC: I told you after I had read half of your book that I think you've done the Walk-In phenomenon a great service because your book made this concept more accessible for me and I think it will do so for many readers. Now that I've read the entire book, I feel that even more strongly. As I also said, it seems to me it might make an exciting movie--it's got mystery, suspense, hippy drug culture, white and black magic episodes and a shocker of a spiritual ending--and it's someone's real life.

EF: It's interesting that you would say that because we've always kind of thought that, too. It really is quite a drama. Maybe that will happen. It's up to my publisher because he's the one who is responsible for movie rights. I just hope that they would do it legitimately. It would be a good story.

PC: Thanks, Evelyn, for your devotion to the Board's work and for taking the time for this interview.
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