Kinesiology: Why I Recommend Kinesiology
and Use It With Spirit Lights Classes
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantWhen I first heard that someone had developed a system to test our consciousness, claiming it was potentially more important to all of us than anything else in life-I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not.

Then I heard that this consciousness calibration system could calibrate my past as well as my present and that it included the calibration of the level of my own consciousness at birth and I admit I was getting seriously interested by then. It seemed plausible the more I thought about it, especially due to the following components of the theory, and some of the claims regarding its plausibility....

Some of the compelling claims about it were the following:

-              My consciousness from birth onward was correlated with my intellect.

-              The same number determined how I see my world and how I experience it.

-              That my birth number determined the  options I would have in life and what my choices would be.

-              That it was tied to my vocational interests, life goals, decisions.

-              That the birth number determined my physical health.

-              That it dictated my psychology, emotionality, attitudes. my lifestyle and, last but not least:  My spiritual awareness!!!!!!

Someone has actually developed such a consciousness calibration system--Dr. David Hawkins.  The claims I have listed, and many more just as remarkable as those, aroused the curiosity of enough people all over the world so that thousands of them joined him over a period of 20 years or so and assisted him in developing this consciousness testing.  With the help of all these hordes of fascinated people, he tested a world of ideas, of people, of organizations, of books, reminding me of that poetic mishmash, "...of shoes--and ships--and sealing wax-of cabbages--and kings-and why the sea is boiling hot-and whether pigs have wings," which is, of course, from what the walrus said,  in "The Walrus and the Carpenter," by Lewis Carroll (of "Alice in Wonderland" fame).

In short, pretty much whatever these groups could think of to test or were invited to test, they did, and they found that when masses of people tested the same object to calibrate its level, the test number would be the same in tests the world over for that particular item. Think of it!  When any single item was tested by one group and any other tester anywhere else in the world tested it, the number always came out the same for that item.

What is that basic system?  Kinesiology.  Dr. David Hawkins, the calibrator of its levels has written a number of books about it all, the most famous of which is perhaps the book, Power Versus Force.  There is one book,  Truth Versus Falsehood, that contains hundreds of calibrations, political groups, philosophical movements, books, movies,  many types of artistic productions, religions, etc., which you might want to look at, as well.  I find it invaluable and  There are other books and DVDs also available about this phenomenon and all are listed on Dr. Hawkins' Web site:

He has identified a surefire way to test the truth of anything. That is, one can determine if a thing-yes, anything at all-is true or false, genuine or fake, above 200 on his Map of Consciousness or below 200, good or bad, health-giving or sickening, strengthening or weakening.  I mention "200" because that is the level at which one must calibrate according to his system, before one can actually participate in and effectively do this testing and it is also the place where, according to his system, integrity, truth and power begin.

More importantly, 200 divides the negative levels of consciousness from the positive ones.  It divides the level of Power (200 and over) from the level of Force (under 200).  His books tell us that people under 200 cannot heal themselves, much less tap into and utilize Universal Consciousness.  One's map of consciousness would not need to measure from zero to 1000, of course, it could be an entirely different range, in fact.  He simply chose zero to 1000 as his range for his projected map of consciousness.

Kinesiology is not Dr. Hawkins' discovery, in fact.  He learned about the basics of this  method of testing from the works of his predecessors in the methodology, Dr. John Diamond and Dr. George Goodheart.  They did not apply the method to the vastness of the universe as Dr. Hawkins has, however. They used it to test people to determine what treatments their bodies, minds and souls should be given that would do the most to improve each patient's health.

Since my live class has started kinesiological testing, we have confirmed the truth of some of the ideas included in these authors' books.  Dr. Hawkins, his predecessors Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. John Diamond, have all written books inviting their readers to test and use the ideas of kinesiology, and we took them up on that in my Spirit Lights class.

Doctors Goodheart and  Diamond worked with chiropractors, allergists, body workers, largely with people in the holistic healing arts who knew that each of us is different from every other one of us and needs a particular treatment program designed for his unique physical makeup. Kinesiology has proven to be a reliable adjunct in their diagnostic procedure for hundreds of such medical practitioners all over the world.

 Dr. Hawkins listened to and learned from them and then saw the potential to apply this tool in a much broader way.  He began to speak about and demonstrate these new concepts and as he did so, he tested a world of different ideas and products and services to see which were in the positive, health-giving, life-enhancing range and which were not.

The research began quickly to shape itself into something vast;  the discoveries he made began to cause him to see the potential of it all and to see that, in fact, the potential was infinite.  When that realization was made, it must have been a breathtaking moment!

 He discovered that he could tell the truth about anything and that he could do that through kinesiology.  He found out, through his testing, that it was not just a measuring stick that could evaluate the health of different areas of the body, reflecting the condition of those areas in connection with corresponding acupuncture points and meridians, as his predecessors Goodheart and Diamond had done, but in fact, that it was a test of Universal Consciousness!  The personal viewpoints of the participants, the prejudices, educational backgrounds, nationalities, etc., had no effect on the outcome.


While Dr. Goodheart, Dr. Diamond and Dr. Hawkins were making all this happen, I was completely unaware of it, until the day that I attended a past life seminar in Asmara, California, sponsored by the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. I went there to study introductory past life therapy under Dr. Hazel Denning, one of the founders of the Association of Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT).

There, some 15 years ago, standing and chatting with a woman I'd just met in a lounge in one of the dormitories on their campus, I was introduced to the concept of kinesiologic testing.

At that past life therapy seminar in Astara , California , 15 years ago, the woman I had just met said she was becoming a kinesiologist.  I asked her what kinesiology was, and she answered me by demonstrating. She told me to hold my arm out parallel to the floor; she placed two fingers at my wrist area and said I should resist the pressure of her two fingers when she told me, "Resist."  Then she told me to tell her something false about myself.  As I recall, I lied and said that my name was something that it wasn't, and when she pressed down quickly with two fingers on my outstretched arm, and said "resist," the arm fell limply at my side.

She then told me to say something true about myself, so I said what my age was then, and my arm stayed strongly up in the parallel position when she pressed on it this time. Then she explained that the "yes" or "true" position was when it stayed up; and the "no" or "false" position was when it went limp.  I thought that was-well, weird-but interesting.

I remember being so intrigued by it, nevertheless, that after I got home from Astara, I dug up the phone number of the only organization that taught it that was near my home.  I called and got their literature; but I couldn't see how kinesiology could fit into my life just then.  So,  I didn't pursue it at that time.

About a year and a half ago I was reintroduced to kinesiology when Mary Lu Coughlin, founder of Wellness Works, a largely volunteer community health center in Glendale,  California, convinced me that I should read Dr. David Hawkins' book, Power Versus Force.

Because of Dr. David Hawkins, I rediscovered kinesiology in 2007. Now I realize that I didn't even begin to see the use it could be in my life 15 years ago.  Since I've read Dr. David Hawkins' books about the discoveries he has made over the past 20 years with this simple tool, I now see that I may have let a good thing get away from me all those years ago.  I know now that it had potential that I never dreamed of, as I stood in that dorm at Astara with a stranger pressing down on my outstretched arm saying "resist," while I watched my arm do things I wasn't telling it to do.

I never suspected that one might be able to use this system to discover the truth or falsehood of just about anything in the universe.  And it is so simple! Many times these days, in fact, I hesitate to describe the process to people who know nothing about it because I feel they will dismiss it out of hand, as mere quackery-it seems so utterly simple.  But I've now used it and watched others using it for so long that I know it really does what it claims to do.

Please note, also, that he claims that any reader, merely by reading his book, Power Versus Force, with serious intent, will raise his level of consciousness by 35 points. Considering the fact that he says the average person only increases his level of consciousness by five points in a whole lifetime, if  this is true, that's quite a selling point!

Maps of consciousness, however, or charts of spirituality and levels of spiritual progress, came to my attention many years ago; and I was teaching the Spiritualist version of such a chart in my psychic development class last year, which was when Dr. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness, with its scale of zero to 1000, first came into my life.  Then I began including Dr. Hawkins' new material in my class, along with the Spiritualist's chart of the Levels of Spirituality.  Such maps have been with us for thousands of years, courtesy of the Hindus, Buddhists, and even the Spiritualists (the Spiritualists for only about 150 years, of course, as opposed to thousands of years with the other groups).

However, Dr. Hawkins improved on that ancient concept by assigning certain characteristics of consciousness to certain levels and assigning each level a number.  This makes all the difference when we need to use it as a tool, as my class members quickly saw doing our testing in classes.

The Spiritualist chart of levels of spirituality that I had referred to in class for several years is certainly interesting to those studying mediumship, but not as easily applied as the Hawkins chart is with its levels of consciousness that are numbered on a scale of zero to 1000.  The Spiritualist chart of Spirituality has levels that have location numbers, and does have descriptions of the characteristics of each category of person designated by those numbers, all of which is very similar to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness.

Power Spirit Lights

In my classes in psychic development and mediumship, which I call Spirit Lights (this name tests over 700 using kinesiology), we are now, as of this year, using kinesiology to test the validity of beliefs that have been traditional with those who teach spiritual practices.

I worked for years within a Spiritualist Church doing mediumship, speaking, playing their music, writing hymns for them, being on their board of directors, etc.  I was also in a Spiritualist development class during  that time and was aware that many, if not all, of the teachings had been channeled--Spiritualists call them trance lectures-and much of the "channeling" of the early days of Spiritualism was solely for the purpose of teaching about what Spirit communication was, how it worked, both on the Other Side of Life and this side, what its phases (types) were, etc.

An aspect of Spiritualism (that many seem unaware of) has been the teaching that explained mankind's fundamental makeup and our projected future spiritual development as individuals.  I'm happy to report that  Dr. Hawkins' particular kinesiological work supports Spiritualist views on these matters.  It states that everything in the universe has a discrete vibrations number (level of consciousness) attached to it.  That's exactly the "channeled" Spiritualist teaching.

Spiritualism also teaches that we will, after death, move through progressively higher and higher levels of consciousness but that we also move through those levels of consciousness during our everyday life on  earth, as well, rising or falling to those vibrational levels we need to reach in order to do the daily work of each lifetime.  This is identical to the Hawkins' work.

God is Consciousness,vibration, love, in Spiritualism; and in the kinesiological explanation of Consciousness, it is the same.

On the Map of Consciousness, the fact that everything that lies beneath the level of 200 is negative and generally destructive, even chaotic, reminds me of the warnings that Spiritualism gives about not exposing oneself to negative vibrations.  Spiritualism cautions us that concentrating on  negative in our earthly lives attracts to us negativity from both the earthly side and the Other Side of Life, as well.

The testing of the truth of everything that's been done with kinesiology has shown that essentially we are like iron filings being held at the level of consciousness where we find ourselves because of the attractive power that each of us and that all else in the universe has.  The more negative our share of that is, the more negative our lives will be.  Spiritualism  points out that relationships, jobs, hobbies, our personal outlook on life, and everything else we can name, is the result of vibrations.

The kinesiologic testing shows the same picture.  I learned the Spiritualist concept long ago that God equals consciousness, equals vibration, equals our level of spirituality, equals love (the first Sunday School I attended was a Christian Science Sunday School and the word "love" dominated Mary Baker Eddy's teachings, too).  This kinesiological work supports that perfectly.

It's really interesting to have several people test their favorite books as we have done in class and see the shock on some faces when something they think contains great wisdom turns out to measure much lower than they expected, or when something they have looked down on because it was not "spiritually correct," (usually meaning it wasn't a current spiritual best seller), turns out to be in the high 600s or 700s and beyond (enlightenment) on the Map of Consciousness).  I was gratified to find that our class members tested the Bhagavad Gita at 900 to 920 and I later read in one of his books that Dr. Hawkins' groups had tested it directly in the middle,  at 910!  That kind of thing gives people like me shivers.

It is really important to do this, too, because reading books and following teachers measuring under 200, as we learn, can automatically entrain us with attractor fields that are at levels under 200 without our knowledge--drawing us, unwittingly, into the noose of negativity.  

An attractor field is an influence that can be created by many or by only one individual's creative efforts and/or interests and can hold us at certain levels unless we work our way beyond that influence.  So they are basically the underbelly of certain levels of consciousness in the various areas of our lives. They are like the stitches on the back of a tapestry. But we now fortunately have a tool (kinesiology) with which we can test whatever consciousness influences come our way and avoid the bad ones before our consciousness becomes entangled with them and is negatively entrained.

Getting back to the investigation through kinesiology of literally everything in the world to discover the level of all of it on the Map of Consciousness--the map is divided into two levels, the level of positive consciousness which lies at the level of 200 and above on its chart of zero to 1,000--and the level below that, 1 to 199, all of which lies in the level of negative consciousness, i.e., anger, apathy, fear, hatred, despair, suicide.

Those who measure under 200 must work very hard,  indeed, to rise in consciousness because, as I said before, we begin to be healable only at 200. Just think of it, 78% of the world's population (only 49% of the population of the U.S. )  measures under 200 so that they are not able to spiritually heal themselves!  One discovery the Power Versus Force testers made was that they determined that Jesus Christ came specifically to bring salvation to those measuring under 200! Buddha, they found, came to teach enlightenment, instead, to those higher on the scale of spirituality.

On the other hand, we learn that the vibrations of very high frequencies of the level of enlightenment can stay in one's aura for up to at least 25 lifetimes, 1,000 years, waiting to be claimed and to emerge into the individual's life, sometimes abruptly, as in the phenomenon of an experience of cosmic consciousness, bliss or enlightenment.  So there may be sudden, unanticipated help at hand for some of us. This was validated by calibration! It assassinated in my own life by a cosmic consciousness experience I had in my 30s which healed me of a spiritual and emotional problem and for weeks, then many months/years, left me feeling I was living in at-one-ment with the entire world!

When we're told by Dr. Hawkins that 78 percent of mankind exists at levels below 200, the level of truth and integrity, and when we're given descriptions of what life is like for people at those levels of consciousness, you can begin to appreciate the havoc raised by the chaos this crippling influence causes in this world.

Recently, I had two different names of teachers of spirituality that were passed on to me by students, sent to them by email , and automatically, (as both said, without thinking, or calibrating) they forwarded them to me and other class members!  Remembering good kinesiological practice, I calibrated each person and found each measured below the level of truth and power--below 200, in short.  And they charge a pretty penny for their classes!

I was actually surprised that it turned out that way!  I did it quite spontaneously.  It's what we are  repeatedly urged to do, but that was my first attempt to follow Dr. Hawkins' advice.  I told my class about it.  Hopefully, they will now test such influences before they give  them unwarranted publicity by hitting the forward button!   

There is actually another reason for hope now about lessening the influence of such negativity, because for the first time in centuries, the average level of consciousness of all of mankind has been, since the 1980s, above the level of 200.  Until the mid-1980s it stood at 194 and after 1986 or so it jumped up above 200, to 207, in fact.

The change in the average level of consciousness of mankind, the world over,  means that we have finally gotten over the previous, seemingly insurmountable hurdle of negativity in our world, according to kinesiological testing.  From here on we can dare to hope that the circumstances of our world will improve, and that they will improve more and more rapidly.  Then, as those impending improvements increase the general level of consciousness, we will see a world that is becoming continuously a better and better place to live.

There are exceptions to the consistency of the testing, and I want to advise you of some of these now.  These are some of the reasons and some of the things by way of which we can correct them:

Note:   There are some exceptions to the consistency I have been saying is operating in this testing.  It's possible for the results of the testing to be very different from one person to the next in testing a certain object, belief, etc., for some of the following reasons:  As I said, people under 200 literally are in the area of falsehood, so they are not suited to doing the testing.  It has been found that the higher the level of consciousness of the testers, the more accurate the testing will be.  It is important for us to have a detached, objective attitude when testing.  Some people can't do that.  It is also much more likely to be an accurate calibration when we preface the statement we're testing with:  "In the name of the highest good, so and so--the item, person, etc.-- tests at the level of consciousness of #xxx.  This seems to remove self-serving, personal motives and interests from the testing.

*****Ten percent of the population will always test false for no known reason.  Also, if we are suffering from the effects of heavy metal music, gangster rap or have background noise, radio, TV, etc. going on during testing, we must get rid of the distractions, then do what's called the Thymic Thump, hitting our breast bone (at the level just below the throat) with our closed fist three times, smiling, saying "ha, ha, ha," while thinking of someone we love, and that will move the results again into whatever the normal range may be.  Dr. John Diamond discovered that the thymus gland controls the body's  immune system, its meridians.  When we test weak (arm falling down to our side) in kinesiology, it means the thymus has gone weak in response to some item of negativity.


Dr. Hawkins says that we can very simply, if we're diligent, raise our consciousness level by doing a quite ordinary thing. He says it's so simple that most people dismiss it, but it is the key to working with consciousness continuously and "slowly, but surely," rising into the higher levels of Spirituality.

He says his best advice to people concerning achieving a higher level of consciousness (besides reading his first book with the 35-point, automatic increase promised by merely completing it), is to simply treat all people and oneself with the utmost good will, kindness and forgiveness. He points out that all the world's major religions give the same suggestions.  He states this simple idea in slightly different ways several places in his books, but it really is (I'm convinced) just living by the Golden Rule  (acknowledged by all major religions as the most important behavioral tool of all), an ever-available consciousness raising device:  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Dr. Hawkins has some very specific instructions for rising into true Enlightenment, as well  (based on how he personally achieved that state), where the Presence of God constantly, palpably lives through us.  However, for general, practical daily living instruction--it's the Golden Rule--good will toward men, patience, forgiveness for all, and love-all the things that we know we must do for others because that's what we would want them to do for us!

However, I now must also remember that my ego is not equally joyful because it now knows (warily watching over my shoulder as it always does) that one of these days, when it's subjected to just the right contextualization, it will simply vanish, as we're told must happen when we reach a critical level in consciousness!  And in the ego's place, within, will come to live the Presence with its unequalled bliss.  

One other thing he recommends as yet another tool (another one that's often just too simple for the average person to trust), is to perform all tasks that lie before us, whether they are our favorites or the ones we hate (or ones that perhaps we think are too far beneath us or otherwise not what we fancy), with as much diligence as we can give them.  We must do everything we do to the best of our ability, because honoring the work of our hands so that it is done to our satisfaction, builds our lives with loving labor every moment of every day! The level of love is, after all, the level of healing--500 on the Map of Consciousness--and will transform (heal) our very lives with its power.

There is one surprising observation about this work that has struck me repeatedly from the start and that I believe will be strikingly apparent to many long-time spiritual seekers.  I can't count how many times I have remarked to my development class about the many principles I'd learned in various spiritual disciplines that were one by one confirmed for me by way of the discoveries of kinesiology.

I believe you will find, as I have, that all the principles you have come to accept as central to bottom-line spirituality for you, regardless of what names those "systems" bear, are encompassed by this calibration work. It's uncanny how such disparate beliefs as those of  Spiritualism, reincarnation, past life therapy, the Edgar Cayce readings, Spiritualism, Religious Science, Unity, Christian Science, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the other major religions that many of us have either studied or actually practice could be found to be aligned under the umbrella of something called kinesiology.

That, however, is the way it is.  And I keep marveling at that. It was common 50 year ago or so for New Thought groups to refer to God as Infinite Intelligence--I'm sure it still is, but then it was so new!  When we work with the levels of Universal Consciousness, we can actually locate the consciousness levels of all  belief systems and their nomenclature and we can see that each of them has a discrete place in this overview of Consciousness at the same time that it is, in fact, encompassed by it. This kinesiological tool even validates one's belief in the awesome phrase "Infinite Intelligence."

From now on, when in doubt, remember that you know  a way that you can tell the truth about literally everything; and if there is anything at all that you aspire to in life, or if you are trying to discover what you should aspire to--just keep in mind kinesiology and just know you can find out the truth of whatever you may seek there.

That's what we can do in Spirit Lights classes now, too.

In fact, we have just tested a happening in our class to determine it's level of consciousness.  We had been working in class on developing healing techniques in our most recent class period and as I had walked around the meditation circle allowing spirit to use my hands to give each class member healing, when I arrived at a girl I knew was not feeling well at all, I stood behind her  and invited Spirit to put forth a huge amount of healing for her and then, after that, I asked for that for the entire circle.  I went next to a new class member named Martha and gave her individual healing, as well.

We all shared what had happened to each of us after the circle's meditation ended, and when it was Martha's turn, she said that she was in meditation with eyes closed when she felt that I was somewhere on her right and realized it must be behind Cecilia and she felt there was a difference in the room and opened her eyes to an almost blindingly bright light that filled the entire room.  I told her that I had wished for essentially a roomful of healing and thanked her for the confirmation.  Then she said that when I stood behind her, she suddenly felt energy in her chest swell forward out of her body and spread out on all sides and that following that she felt somehow transformed.  She thanked me and I said, "Thank God!"

The next class period we tested the level of consciousness of these happenings and came up with these numbers along with their meanings on a Map of Consciousness:

Then we tested the tutorial I wrote about in the beginning of this book, Sonia's experience with Christ and the level of consciousness of this happening was:

I feel I want to say, "In Excelsis Deo."


I want to thank the students in my classes without whom I could not have done all the kinesiological testing of the many spiritual ideas and terms that we have tested this last year:

Jeff Krecioch, Cecilia Smith, Cheri Levesque , Nancy Almeida, Wendy Pond , and Alison Litton .    Then, closer home, I want to thank Jay Chalfant who has also assisted me with testing on the home front.

Thank you one and all.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and having you in class and then, with your help, extensively testing kinesiology--this remarkable method of telling truth from falsehood.

One further thank you to my guides (Rev. Frances Scher and Jan Morosoff) who were my friends on earth and astonishingly are now two of my guides on the Other Side of Life.  They have both visited my classes and both help me regularly in the readings that I do, as well.  I have stories about them both when they were living on earth under the heading "Word from the Other Side" on my Web site.

When Reverend Scher gave my son, Chris, his first reading which provided him with his first proof of the continuity of life, his good friend who had committed suicide came to visit him. The friend identified himself both by indicating he had committed suicide and also by pointing out that he was wearing a three-piece suit (Chris had always teased his friend saying he didn't know how to dress up in anything but jeans).  Chris was totally stunned by that experience.


1.     Spirit Lights Class tested "The Baghavad Gita's level of consciousness at 900 to 920.  One of Dr. Hawkins books mentions testing it at 910.

2.     The color black-we tested it at 190 to 195

3.     We tested the color white-at 1,000

4.     Spirit Lights tested Clairsentience: 565 to 570.

5.     Tested Clairaudience at 560 to 580.

6.     We tested Clairvoyance at 700 to 770

7.     We tested the Golden Rule at 860.

8.     Dr. Hawkins tested the percentage of people under 200 in America as 49%.

9.     Hawkins tested percentage of mankind under 200 as 78% now (as opposed to 85% in "Power Vs. Force."

10. It has been traditional in Spiritualism to find out from one's spirit guide what phases of mediumship one is best suited for.  We tested to see if there was any other way to find that out.  So we tested the following:  a.   We can discover the phase through the aura.  (We got a "no")    b.  We can discover the right phase for us through a medium.  (we got a yes)   c.  We can discover what phase we're best suited for through a spirit guide (we got a yes).

11. Billet Reading :  677 and 678

12. Psychometry:  836 - 898 -  929 - 985 - 996 - 930 - 997 - 978.

13.   Symbolism-the high 400s (Dr. Hawkins' testing previously also listed symbolism  in high 400s).
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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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