Spirit Communication: Overcoming
Blocks to Spirit Communication
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantIt may be that you are approaching this matter of spirit communication in the wrong way. Interesting that mediums don't choose you to receive a message.  Mediums who are "doing a show" will pick out the people in the audience who are easy to read  almost immediately, by the way.  Some people are very open and trusting when they visit a medium.  Those who are making a show of their mediumship need to assemble a show quickly so they will take on only those who are the "sure things."  Otherwise, they fear their show won't be impressive.

Spirit communication is a matter of vibration, as everything in this world is, of course.  Another definition for God is "vibration."  As most people have heard at some time, God is everywhere present, which means that you and I and the kitchen sink and the rugs on the floor and the flowers and the dirt in which they grow and the sun, moon and stars--everything--is a holograph of the entire universe, otherwise known as God.  Approaching spirit communication with a sense of spirituality is going to be more effective, therefore, than approaching it in a strictly secular way.  Many mediums who are televised and/or give public demonstrations do not have much of a spiritual element in their presentation.  It could raise the whole thing to a much higher level if they did and since spirit communication takes place on a much higher level of consciousness, that might improve your chances.

We learn from Dr. David Hawkins (who created the kinesiologically-based Map of Consciousness--his explanatory book is "Power Vs. Force") that skepticism and cynicism measure on the consciousness level of 160 or so, but definitely below the level of truth--in fact they are on the level of falsehood.  Everything beneath 200 in his levels of consciousness is on a level where it is very difficult for people who reside in that state of consciousness to have faith in anything or to genuinely love anyone.  If you are attending these  meetings that famous mediums hold with a fair amount of cynicism in your attitude (sort of an "I dare you to prove it to me" slant), then you will probably have difficulty receiving anything evidential from a medium.   

People who are on that level of consciousness really can't even have faith.  They are on a level where they can't be helped with their disbelief.  You may believe that this doesn't describe you; and because you have kept going from one medium to another, you probably don't have that kind of skepticism operating in your consciousness.  Nevertheless, I'm trying to explain to you what can keep people from receiving from spirit.  If you had that operating in yourself, the spirit friends who come to you might even wish they could inform you that you need to have more faith before you can really believe any communication from them.

Are you aware that when we pass over to the Other Side of life, we go to various levels of consciousness, such as the astral levels, mental levels,  celestial levels and the Universal level (which is the level where the major avatars, like Jesus, Krishna , and Buddha exist)?  We become less accessible to communication with those on earth the higher we climb in these levels.  That can be a factor.  Anyone who has been dead for 30 years or so may have moved on to one of the higher levels.  On higher levels, communication requires a step-down action (sort of like playing the old game "Telephone") where the message is given to someone on the level just beneath the spirit communicator and then is relayed to the next level by a guide who hopefully will pass it on accurately to the medium who hopefully, again, will pass it on accurately to the seeker-that's you.  Much room for inaccuracy in such a process, as you can see.

If the spirit people you seek passed away very recently, say a few weeks or even months before your attempt to communicate, they may still be resting and regaining their strength.  My stepfather who had been an M.D. on earth worked for many years on that level with people after he passed over and actually took care of at least one of my friends after he passed away.  It's just like our hospitals and rest homes on earth.  If you don't know about this, I suggest that you read Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves which is all about this experience.

The spirit people need to have enough energy to project an image of themselves through the facilitators they use on the Other Side and enough visualizational ability, too, so that the facilitator can help "send" to the medium.  That can be affected by the length of time that has gone by since they died.  Some of them are good at that; some of them are not.  It is also true that with the aid of a spirit facilitator they need to work within the boundaries of the medium's symbology.  I am one of those mediums who has a lexicon of symbols that allow me to tell you a great deal about your life and the things that are coming up for you.  Again, however, the guide I work with on the Other Side must be contacted by the spirit person so that these symbols can be employed.  They must literally reach into my pool of symbols and pull out from my mental processes the ones that will describe the identification they are bringing for themselves, and/or the predictions they bring, in addition to any attempt to show themselves as they were on earth, and that requires the assistance of the guide who works with me.  The kind of mediumship that message work comes under is in Spiritualist parlance "mental mediumship."  It's the mediums mental faculties alone that are employed in message work.

We have exercises we do in our classes in which class members actually act out the scenes on earth and on the Other Side in just the way that messages are brought to mediums or student mediums here on earth and my students have enjoyed this because it made the whole process of message delivery more understandable to them.  I doubt that any other teacher teaches spirit communication using dramatic depiction of these events as I do.  The person or people on the Other Side must lower their vibrations and the mediums on earth must raise theirs in order for this event to take place, as well.

Having said all this to you which may be way more than you ever wanted to know about spirit communication, I would certainly be willing to try to locate or be located by one of your friends or family who have passed on.  I sometimes also can get those spirits who show themselves to me to hold still long enough for me to draw a likeness of them.  I certainly can't promise any specific person, place or thing coming through in our session; but I have had remarkable things happen for some people that were evidential in spite of the fact that they were not the persons they would have preferred hearing from.  My Office Manager wanted to hear from her brother who had been dead for over 30 years.  I instead brought a bizarre identifying image for her mother's brother, her uncle Murray, that consisted of a man on a gurney about to go in for treatment in a hospital with bare feet reading a newspaper under those conditions-I thought I'd gotten something that couldn't be correct, but she immediately said with great delight, "That's Uncle Murray!"  I could hardly believe it, but those on the other side (she had many dead relatives in her huge family and there was an indication that they had all conspired to bring this delightful image) clearly had figured out a perfect ID for one of them, because he collected newspapers and read newspapers wherever he went, whatever he did, and was noted for his newspaper collection pack rat tendencies.  For her that couldn't have been better.  I believe that Beth began at that moment to believe that life did continue after death.  That's, of course, the only purpose that Spiritualism has ever had for existing.  I love it when I can serve that purpose for people.

I can't tell you whether I should read for you or not.  I thought of doing a dry run by doing some inspirational writing for you to see if there is information that might come through for you that indicates you would get something satisfactory from an additional reading.  But it would be up to you.  I have repeatedly received information from a close friend of mine who died several years ago who comes through to me with  messages for her children via "inspirational writing" ever since her husband died.

Let me know if you'd like me to see if something comes that way first, which might mean a regular telephone reading would produce even more evidence.  Is there any reason that any of the spirit people you mention would have something they didn't want to have to discuss with you because of guilt or shame, or some such thing-that could also make them reluctant to consider doing this, too.  The fact that this requires making the effort for those on the Other Side though may be the biggest deterrent of all.  It's hard to say.
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